2014 Texas Endorsements Plus Judges and SBOE

By request, reblogging. #YOURVOTEISYOURVOICE #AlwaysStand4Liberty



Texas Governor:  Greg Abbott. I’ve always been an Abbott fan.  He’s a true conservative fighter for our Constitutional rights.

Texas Lt. Governor:  David Dewhurst.  Dewhurst, like many politicians in office, listened only to the ‘yes’ people. He’s not doing that now.  He is going above and beyond to listen to the grassroots in Texas.  How do I know? Because he has Toby Walker and myself on his side. [Did you think that was possible the last Texas Senate race?]  I think this change began last legislative term.  Dewhurst replaced the Democrat Committee Chairs with Republicans.  Too, he worked hard to ensure safety  and order in the Senate during the abortion debate.   Additionally, he is the ONLY candidate that has not only listened to moms & dads about our Texas education, he has personally viewed the CSCOPE lessons, and actively took a stand against a superintendent that wished to…

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