Wait! Barry Smitherman Supports Joe Straus?

straus       3d-man-with-question-mark-icon-84212896                              smitherman2

Oh, he refused to answer?


Yep. Pucker up, Smitherman.  Play like the rest of the Republicans are required to play.  Pick a side of the fence.

The real surprise was in Barry Smitherman’s answer. Where Smitherman could have taken the opportunity to speak out against the moderate Speaker of the House, he merely danced around the subject—so much so that you can hear an audience member ask him to “answer the question” at hand.

In one breath, Smitherman claims he has a “bold” leadership style. And in the next, he deflects the question to the other two candidates saying, “I don’t have a vote on Joe Straus . . . That’s not my role. I’m not a voting person. These guys have voted.”

As Smitherman himself says, the Texas Attorney General is a “policy-implementer.” So, will he implement whatever policies come across his desk because he’s “not a voting person”…?

On a subject where we already knew where Branch and Paxton stood, Smitherman had the chance to shine. He had the opportunity to be “bold”, to stand up and say what we all know—that having Straus in the speaker’s chair is empowering liberal agendas and killing conservative reforms. But, he didn’t. Instead he chose not to fight, but to bob-and-weave in hopes of pleasing both sides.

While Branch continues to prove where his loyalties lie, Smitherman seems to have nothing to offer aside from his “seven lawsuits against Obama.”

Smitherman Sidesteps the Straus Question – Empower Texans:



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