Questions of Intention in Texas Politics

512zBJdKIYLIt was late December 2013, soon after Senator Dan Patrick requested the Texas Attorney General’s Opinion on Common Core Standards vs. HB 462, that I began receiving numerous calls and messages similarly inquiring:  “What’s up with Alice?”

The ‘Alice’ is Alice Linahan of Women on the Wall.

Why me? I have asked myself the same question many times. I gather it is because of my involvement in exposing and combating Cscope and Common Core with Linahan, as well as many others across Texas.

In the beginning, I sought to explain what I thought may be her purpose or reasoning behind the inquired upon act or position.  Admittedly, I was just as baffled as the inquirer and sought a rational answer.

Flash to present day: I receive a call from an actively engaged mom that reports to think the world of Linahan yet is baffled by her publicly deemed “unrelenting attacks on Ken Paxton.”

“What is Linahan’s purpose?”  “What does Linahan hope to achieve?” “How can Linahan expect her attacks to be viewed as credible?”

I would ask her but I am not too sure how productive that would be for it appears my previous post IDENTITY POLITICS: INNUENDOS AND ASSERTIONS VS FACTS is viewed by Linahan as one that attacks her integrity.  That is truly unfortunate for that certainly was not my intention.  I sought to put the legislation out there for the voters to decide for themselves.  After all, Linahan’s piece was admittedly her ‘opinion.’

Too there is the blog Linahan posted allegedly blasting me personally and attesting that, contrary to my statement, she is for School Choice. Several of us grassroot activists have personally heard Linahan repeatedly state she is opposed to School Choice.  Yet in light of Linahan’s recent public change in her position in support of School Choice, many have expressed they view it as a good thing. GREAT!  FABULOUS! I wholeheartedly agree! AWESOME! More grassroot folks in support of School Choice can only assist Texas students in the end, right?

Then there is Alice Linahan’s statement on the night of Ken Paxton’s formal announcement to run for Texas Attorney General in August 2013.


What can you tell me about Ken Paxton? Alice Linahan:  “I’ve known Ken Paxton since he fought the battle against Joe Straus on the speaker’s race. And so from that battle we knew that Ken was willing to fight. And right now we’ve got – we’re in times that are transformational for our nation and we need someone in the Attorney General position who’s a fighter and who will fight for what is right, not what is politically right. And I think Ken will do that.”

How would you characterize Ken’s service in the legislature to date and his fight for conservative values?  Alice Linahan:  “I think it’s been proven. He put forth legislation on to take out Planned Parenthood curriculum in our education system along with Jeff Leach and those are things that Moms and Dads across the state of TX care about. And we want legislators and elected officials who will govern and fight like dads – not like politicians. And Ken fights like a Dad.”

What kind of AG do you think he’ll be? Alice Linahan:  “I think he’ll take on the issues that matter to Texans and he won’t be afraid to fight the fight whether it’s against Obama or whether it’s what’s going on with corruption in our own Texas capitol. So those are things that Moms and Dads wanna know. Is he willing to fight and I think his ethics and his values show that he’s willing to fight for what is right.”

Do you think KP is a person of integrity? Alice Linahan:  “I definitely do and it’s been proven with how he’s fought in the TX legislature with legislation that he’s put forth. I definitely think Ken Paxton is a man of strong character and integrity and will fight like a Dad”

Above are Alice Linahan’s own words on the night Ken Paxton formally announced his run for Texas Attorney General in August 2013.

What could possibly be her purpose or intention for the unrelenting attacks on Ken Paxton?  Folks, I truly do not know.  You decide.


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