Salaries of Texas Superintendents more than Texas Governor!

By Ginger Russell

Texas School Superintendents partner with the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) & Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) petitioning the legislature for funding. There will NEVER be enough funding for the progressive education system in Texas. Texas schools are riddled with unneeded programs and agenda’s costing the taxpayers millions.

Garland ISD superintendent Bob Morrison’s salary contract states he makes $260,000 a yr. Our own Texas Governor Rick Perry’s salary is $150,000. Shocking isn’t it? In addition to Morrison’s salary he gets employer funding for his retirement account not to exceed 25,000.00 a year, health insurance is paid through the district, life insurance, paid work & personal mobile phone and computer. Must be nice.

Bob Morrison came go Garland ISD from Mansfield ISD where a program was in place to make Arabic a mandatory class. Due to public outrage the program was halted.

Garland ISD school salaries in 2013.

Texas Superintendent Salaries

money down toilet


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