Don’t Take the STAAR Tests If… [repost]

Passing Grades Don’t Count if a Student Fails the STAAR TESTs  BY 

Cartoon of a STAAR Guard warning to stop and think about taking the Texas STAAR Test.

Some students were given awards for being on the honor roll last year and then told they would not pass to the next grade because they failed STAAR tests.

If these students had been taken out of public school and homeschooled, they could have reentered public school the following year in the next grade level. TRUE? YES!  This is because homeschool students are not required to take the STAAR Tests.

Parents need to think about allowing their child to take the STAAR tests. If their child is passing, why take the chance that they will fail the STAAR and be retained?

Why are honor roll students and others failing the STAAR tests? I can only respond about the science STAAR tests, which are given in the 5th and 8th grades. The Science STAAR Released Tests have errors. But thus far TEA refuses to admit that they make errors. I will start posting the flawed STAAR test questions found on the TEA website.

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