Open Letter to Attorney General Voters

your-vote-your-voiceTexas has become known as the last standing bastion of conservative values and freedom; whether one believes this or not, is not the issue. The reality for Texas is as open as the vast lands of our state: our borders are unsecure, our southern portion of the state is dominated by corruption-people are afraid to speak out, and Battleground Texas has gleefully and openly declared Texas their next conquest, and proudly waves their flag over Colorado. 

Keep in mind, Colorado, is also a part of our beloved United States of America. 

I have been on the radio for five years, and created a TV program which ran for three.  I have never been one to post on Facebook, and the lack of use of social media is certainly my downfall.  However, I am going to address a matter which is of grave concern to me.

In all my years of broadcast, I have been so blessed to have interviewed the notable to the notorious, in some cases, hard to tell the difference. However, each person sits in the chair across from me either extremely nervous, excited or calm as a cold eye compress; the resounding message of freedom exists.   Unfortunately, messaging is the easy component and does not necessarily affect change.

The bravado of new candidates is certainly uplifting, and the lack of understanding of the job functions / tasks is understandable; yet resoundingly a common thread in the uprising of political hopefuls.  While at the same time, the resounding common thread is the lack of respect for those very same job functions as outlined by the Constitution; creating a quagmire of political strife.

My concern today and the very reason I am writing this post.  The office of Attorney General in the state of Texas cannot be taken lightly.  

I want to get straight to the point.  As Senator Paxton is getting attacked viciously by a group of women and men, who carry a personal vendetta, I am going to ask that you personally conduct your own research, call his office if you need to clarify statements or facts.

The bravado of words creates great theater, but may certainly cheapen, in this case a revered office.  I would on all accounts trust a man who has the intestinal fortitude to face his opponent (s) honestly, calculate the damages, assess the road map to future success, and possess the humility and strength to withstand attacks from both friends and foe.

The issues we face today are grave.   Conduct your own research.  Theory is only a message; the criticism of such creates the baseline.

I have never publicly endorsed a candidate as I do not believe in using my profession to do so.  However, I am taking a personal hiatus and feel very comfortable with endorsing Senator Ken Paxton.

May we understand God’s blessings for all people, and humble ourselves in all we do.

Laurie Bartlett, M.S. HRM
On Point Broadcasting


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