2014 Texas Endorsements Plus Judges and SBOE


Texas Governor:  Greg Abbott. I’ve always been an Abbott fan.  He’s a true conservative fighter for our Constitutional rights.

Texas Lt. Governor:  David Dewhurst.  Dewhurst, like many politicians in office, listened only to the ‘yes’ people. He’s not doing that now.  He is going above and beyond to listen to the grassroots in Texas.  How do I know? Because he has Toby Walker and myself on his side. [Did you think that was possible the last Texas Senate race?]  I think this change began last legislative term.  Dewhurst replaced the Democrat Committee Chairs with Republicans.  Too, he worked hard to ensure safety  and order in the Senate during the abortion debate.   Additionally, he is the ONLY candidate that has not only listened to moms & dads about our Texas education, he has personally viewed the CSCOPE lessons, and actively took a stand against a superintendent that wished to ignore the will of parents. The Lt Governor position is the most powerful position in our state.  We need experienced leadership especially in these days of Battleground Texas and other socialists seeking to turn our state blue.  I’m standing with actions over rhetoric.  I hope you will too. Surprised? I understand. So was I, but I welcome it with open arms.  Sit down and talk to the man.  You’ll see what I mean.  If you cannot get in touch with him, holler at me. Together surely we can find you an avenue to get your questions answered.

Texas Attorney General:  Ken Paxton.  Ken is a really nice and down to earth individual. He has the experience as well as the strength and character needed to fill Abbott’s big shoes.  This is shown through his conservative record and the plethora of conservatives that have enthusiastically lined up to endorse him.

Texas State Comptroller:  Glenn Hegar.  I say Hegar is a riot, and that’s true, but it’s not the reason I’m backing him for Comptroller.  The first time I learned of Hegar was in the abortion fight last summer. I had been to Austin earlier that week when the anti abortion bill was trying to get through the House.  To say it was crazy is an understatement. I watched Hegar live online in the Senate the final day.   With opposition coming at him from every raving mad Democrat, Hegar didn’t show an ounce of malice in his face, body language or voice. As if Christ was standing by his shoulder, Hegar took on each and every argument that came at him with utter grace.  And to make a long story short, when I met him for the first time, he described his feelings of that day, in the Senate, as I had watched. Unknowing to him, his description of how he felt was exactly how I had seen it. Hegar wants to continue Combs fight to keep our state accountable financially.  He’s several generations a Texan and ALWAYS the gentleman.  I believe Hegar will be a great and humble Texas Comptroller.  #EastTexan

Texas Land Commissioner:  David Watts, Jr.  Have you met David?  He’s a gem and so is his lovely wife. All one has to do is listen to David.  The man has a firm understanding of and respect for the position to which he seeks. Please Texas. No more Bush’s.  Take a moment to listen to David. If you haven’t had a chance yet, holler.  Together we’ll find out when he’ll be in your area, if not get you two on the phone.  David is always the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. Undoubtedly, the man makes time for Texas. #EastTexan

Texas Railroad Commissioner:  Wayne Christian.  Wayne has the knowledge and the experience for this position.  And no one has to question his level of conservatism.  This beautiful man, inside and out, is a true conservative.  Checked out his record?  Hands down, Christian should be our next Texas Railroad Commissioner.  #EastTexan

Texas Agriculture Commissioner:  Sid Miller.  Honestly, I do not know nor have I met Mr. Miller personally. However, I have vetted him and a great deal of my wonderfully conservative friends speak very highly of him.  The other two in the race are absolute NO’S (one a Straus lawyer the other a Straus lackey).

Texas United States Senator:  I prefer Reid Reasor, but Stockman, in my view, is the only one with name recognition and experience to potentially unseat John Cornyn.

Texas Supreme Court

*  Nathan Hecht, Chief Justice
*  Jeff Brown, Pl . 6
*  Jeff Boyd, Pl . 7
*  Phil Johnson, Pl . 8

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

*  Barbara Walther, Pl . 3
*  Kevin Patrick Yeary, Pl. 4
*  W.C. “Bud” Kirkendell, Pl. 9

And last but not least, I stand with and am loud and proud of the following hard working conservatives:  

  • Matt Schaefer in  HD6
  • Jonathan Stickland  in HD92
  • Matt Rinaldi in HD115
  • Konni Burton in SD10
  • Katrina Pierson in CD32
  • Mike Spencer, Upshur County Precinct 4  Commissioner
  • Cole Hefner, Upshur County Precinct 2 Commissioner
  • Eric Mahroum, State Board of Education in District 11 (candidate)
  • David Bradley, State Board of Education in District 7 (incumbent)


A special thanks to all supportive conservatives across Texas.   I never imagined my choices would be requested.  Thank you for your kind words and respect shown.  Each of you are extraordinarily inspiring; always standing true with your blinders and ulterior motives off. #principalsmatter.


4 thoughts on “2014 Texas Endorsements Plus Judges and SBOE

  1. Stacy, thanks for your recommendations. I see the AG race as the most important one in the bunch, as the field is wide open and a same-sex marriage battle with Holder et. al looms for whomever inherits the office from Abbot. I read Dan Branch’s amicus brief to the Texas Supreme Court defending our marriage amendment, and it was painfully weak. I, with no legal training, could have written a better article on the constitutionality of traditional marriage statutes.
    How do you think Paxton fares on this front?

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