You be the Judge, Texas


It’s July 2013 and I am in a conversation with a potential candidate for U.S. Senate. Quite anti-lawyer, the potential candidate agreed that it was not prudent to openly bash lawyers (flashback: $24M Dewhurst spent doing exactly that in the previous Texas U.S. Senate race), suggested we keep it a secret between us and once he reached the Senate, then he would “unleash”…  Stunned, I reminded him Senator Cruz is a lawyer and he responded with “He’s part of the problem, Stacy.”

The potential candidate was Dwayne Stovall.


You be the judge…



5 thoughts on “You be the Judge, Texas

  1. If you are referring to the event on the Court House steps in Longview last summer, I beg to differ with you regarding Dwayne’s comments. He is quite a proponent of Cruz. He stated clearly that “Cruz, like the rest of the politicians are always on watch.” I thought the statement fair and reflective of our responsibilities as citizens. Stacie, I was with Dwayne for the whole event. I have walked alongside him throughout his campaign. I have never heard him publicly, or privately say “let’s keep it a secret… and then I will unleash.”

    I appreciate your candor and energy. It is people like you, me and citizen statesmen like Stovall who bring forth the notion “my vote counts.” My above statement was meant with total respect, I just disagree with your summation of the event.

    God bless and Let’s Keep Texas First!!!

    Tim Capps

    • Thank you for your comments, but I believe you are discussing an event I did not attend.

      I am referring to a conservation with Dwayne Stovall.

      Respectfully, any want-to-be candidate will say they support Sen. Cruz.

      Thanks again for your time.

      Stacy McMahan

  2. That’s a shot… “Want-to-be-candidate?” Anyone who is willing to put themselves into the public eye deserves more than that.

  3. Check out my blog posting today. King Solomon and Defense Lawyers. You might enjoy King Solomon’s method to dissuade a defense lawyer from taking on a case when he knows the party is guilty..
    Regards and good will blogging.

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