It is painful to see the lengths some will reach… | #txlege #tx2014

Regarding two issues of the day:

It is painful to see the lengths some will reach in their effort to purposely make a mountain out of a mole hill in their effort to beat down a true conservative candidate. Correction: painful and, as daddy used to say, “Stinks to all high heaven.”

Out of all the PAC’s in North East Texas, I can think of one that MIGHT endorse Barry Smitherman for Attorney General and that is here in my new home of Upshur County.

ImageTruly, the rumor mill has gone wild. But after learning that one of the leaders of the PAC is related to Barry and the PAC sponsored an event solely for Barry and no one else, I suppose one can easily surmise the make up for the rumors.

Seeking to bolster twisted mole hills is so Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” it is pathetic.

Furthermore, purposely leaving others in the dark as to the facts of one’s actual record, other contenders, etc.  does a GRAVE injustice to those seekers that count on touted ‘conservative transparency’.

We have some true grade A rotten apples in Texas. Shoot in North East Texas alone (calling Thomas & Bennett Ratliff).  The last folks the truth should be shaded from is trusting voters.



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