Will the Real Barry Smitherman Please Stand Up #txlege

Sonja is so right:  “We can’t continue to run from the truth or embrace naiveté.”

Will the Real Barry Smitherman Please Stand Up [Reblog by Sonja Harris]

Realizing that many of us would rather read and listen to only positive things about our Republicans, I will make this article as painless as possible. It is disturbing when a Liberal is accused of an indiscretion or embezzlement or worse, but somehow we are no longer shocked. We also know that the Liberal will be rewarded by being a speaker at the Democrat Convention or will be in the administration’s cabinet or will receive a medal.

When a Republican is accused of anything other than being a person of integrity we know what to expect, the MSM will eliminate them. For this reason it is critical that we arm ourselves with facts on our candidates. Unfortunately, we just haven’t learned to ask hard questions or to realize that we may also have some Republicans who are just not qualified. We can’t continue to run from the truth or embrace naiveté.

This year like never before, the Republican Party in Texas is experiencing a blitz of candidates running for so many different positions. If we don’t do our homework, there will be some Republicans not qualified who will make it past the primary.

With Battleground Texas breathing down our necks, it’s important that we work hard to ensure that the nominees we elect are Godly, knowledgeable, experienced and willing to take on the responsibilities of their elected duties. If we don’t do our groundwork the Democrats will destroy our nominee. Republican nominees must win the general election so that we can remain conservative and continue to grow our Republican party.

Because the MSM has made it almost impossible for conservatives to receive any accurate information about Republican candidates until its time to annihilate them, ‘conservative’ bloggers have multiplied. Sadly, in a quest for readership, some bloggers distort the facts and have taken it upon themselves to enhance the image of their candidate with the blessings of the candidate.

There are some candidates who use their campaigns to discredit their opponent in order to mask their own vulnerabilities. Ignoring this type of fraudulent campaign hurts the targeted candidate and our party. Flawed nominees who win using this method will be exposed to the public and crushed by the Democrats. If we expect to win the battle in November than we must have nominees that can beat the Left.

Barry Smitherman has used his prosecutorial record to gain favor with voters and in keeping with Ronald Reagan’s quote ‘trust but verify’ should be heeded. His record shows that he was involved in only 20 jury cases and two trials before the court in the short 15 months he served as an assistant district attorney in Houston. He had 9 verdicts of not guilty and 9 guilty and allowed two guilty pleas after the jury was selected. Of the two bench trials one was guilty and one was not guilty. All 22 cases were misdemeanors. His record as a prosecutor only demonstrates that he could not prove his defendants guilty, 50-50 was the best he could do. A proven prosecutor he is not. In other words, ‘No Fact just Brag’.

A blogger from Houston, David Jennings from Big Jolly, has personally assisted me with the research of this article. I also have in my hands the documents to reinforce my expose. For all purposes Smitherman bloated his record, leaving us with a question as to his integrity and whether or not all the attacks directed at Ken Paxton are only to defuse his own deception of the facts.

Questions we should ask Smitherman. If Smitherman really enjoyed his assistant district attorney position so much, why did he choose to leave and start another career? Prior to being an assistant DA, he was an Investment Banker with Banc One for over 16 years. According to an article I found in the Houston Press dated May 2, 2002, Smitherman was forced out of his Banc One position because of a scandal. This could be why he doesn’t refer to his Investment Banker stint. We should ask Smitherman to expand on his Investment Banker position. I also have some questions on his Texas Railroad Commission period, but that is a story for a different time. For now we should be asking, “Will the Real Barry Smitherman, please Stand Up?

Texas deserves an attorney general who will be dedicated, steadfast, and beyond reproach. It is significant that we elect someone who really cares about the people of Texas and not someone just looking for a ‘job’. That person in my opinion is Ken Paxton.


Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!




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