Is Barry Smitherman the Republicans Wendy Davis? | #txlege

Most of us have read or heard about the huge whoppers told by democratic candidate for Governor Wendy Davis.  Read here

Jennings with Big Jolly:

 “…no one makes a name for themselves or earns a reputation as a go to guy in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in 15 months. No one. Perry Mason couldn’t do it. Okay?”



20 cases in 15 months is “countless cases”?  And out of those 20 lifetime achievement cases, he put 5 in jail for no more than 180 days?

Is Smitherman really that poor in math or is he attempting to out match Davis in blurring the truth?

More from Jennings:

So what would you think if I told you that in his entire 15 month career as a prosecutor, Smitherman had a grand total of 20 jury trials? Remember, he tells people that he prosecuted “countless cases” – can you count to 20? Does that sound heroic? How about his record of winning 11 of those trials and losing 9? And about all those bad people he put in jail? Well, there were five of them in total:

  • James Wade Rogers – DWI 1st Offender – 10 days
  • Aaron Osbaldo Garza – DWI 2nd Offender – 180 days
  • Steven Brandon Alford – Assault-Family Member – 120 days
  • Jimmy Dwayne Hasty – Assault-Family Member – 100 days
  • Julian Ventura – Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon – 105 days

So when Smitherman says he put “bad people in jail”, he isn’t lying. Because five men did spend a few days in jail after Smitherman prosecuted them for Misdemeanor crimes.

To read the entire post from Jennings see:


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