More Truth in the Texas Attorney General Race | #txlege

Sonja Harris, a great blogger and dear friend, discusses further facts blurred by Barry Smitherman.

With the primary just six weeks away, March 4 and early voting about 30 days away, February 18 thru 28, decisions must be made. The Attorney General defends our state from tyranny and injustice. There are three contenders, Ken Paxton, Dan Branch and Barry Smitherman. Branch has the most money in his war chest, 4.9M followed by Paxton 2.2M and Smitherman 2.1M to spend on name recognition throughout Texas. But wait, Texans have shown that money isn’t everything. Senator Ted Cruz beat millionaire David Dewhurst in his quest for US Senator. I might add that Senator Cruz in a ‘Shout Out’ told the audience that he considers Paxton a ‘tireless fighter for Texas’ and isn’t that what we need, a tireless fighter?

It’s important that our next attorney general be grounded in his beliefs and knowledgeable in Texas government. It’s also important that our Texas Attorney General be steadfast. Paxton has 11 years of standing with conservative Texans, first as a Texas representative and in his present position of Texas Senator. He has also been an attorney for the last 22 years making him an excellent candidate for attorney general.

As Texans we have a deep desire to be free and in order to keep our freedoms our attorney general must have the vision of what it takes to be free. He must have discernment in knowing which battles to pick. Our AG must know how to defend our border, how to sue for educational funding and how to strategize in order to win.

It goes without saying that having vast understanding of Texas law is valuable. Smitherman served as a prosecutor for only a miniscule of time compared to Paxton’s 22 years as an attorney. Paxton is an experienced attorney handling estate planning, probate, real estate, and business matters. Definitely surpassing Smitherman’s 1 ½ years in the law profession. Paxton is a strategist and his primary focus in his field is to keep his clients out of the court room. You might say he is a grand ‘litigator’. Winning doesn’t always mean going into the court room.

We have to be careful we don’t find ourselves in a predicament with an AG that will be out of control by suing without deliberation. If you Google ‘Smitherman prosecutor’ there is no mention of his time as a prosecutor, no record. In fact, Smitherman has no record on Abortion, on the Budget and Spending, on Business and Consumers or on Defense. Do we really want someone with no voting record to be our next AG? (color my emphasis)

A Houston blogger reporting on what he had to say at a recent forum wrote, “He spent quite a bit of time talking about his time as a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, describing himself as a 43 year old baby prosecutor (my emphasis) because it was supposed to be his second career.” Blogger went on to say, “He emphasized that he was the only one in the race that had been a prosecutor and had courtroom experience, saying that he met the victims, heard their stories, picked a jury, put the ‘perp’ (my emphasis) on the stand, and got a guilty verdict. I had to laugh at the word ‘perp’. I live with a real live prosecutor and criminal defense attorney and ‘perp’ is not a term used in reality. ‘Perp’ is a TV expression. This should tell us everything we need to know about Smitherman’s boasting of his prosecutorial career.

Another blogger on Smitherman’s behalf quoted him as saying, “As a prosecutor, I sat as ‘first chair’ on many DWIs and family assaults.” Blogger went on to write, “Those ignorant of criminal prosecution don’t know that the ‘#2’ in a court tries all the cases – the chief of the court negotiates plea bargains with the defense attorneys. I had no interest in that.” So which is it Barry? You were first chair but didn’t like it because it was too difficult? If Smitherman chose not to be first chair, he apparently did not aspire to try the difficult cases, like murder, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery and burglary. And it’s not true that the First Chair doesn’t try cases because they do. So for Smitherman to have his ‘PROVEN PROSECUTOR’ political ad popping up everywhere is simply an exaggeration and definitely overstated.

Conservatives should not even consider Dan Branch as he is not the conservative he would like us to believe. He is closely identified with Joe Straus and his style of management. NARAL pro choice gave Branch a 27% rating for his vote on SB419 in 2005 making it possible for third trimester abortions. Even Paul Burka from Burkablog says he is a ‘mainstream Republican’. Another article by Joshua Fechter in the Houston Chronicle says that Branch, “has morphed in the past few months from a seemingly moderate Republican into a tea party firebrand, creating a perceived disconnect between his record and campaign rhetoric.” So why is Branch trying to paint himself as a conservative; because he wants to win by deceiving the electorate. Will Texans fall for this kind of campaigning? I sure hope not, we have enough with Smitherman who likes to bolster his image to match Paxton’s real work ethic and conservatism.

Ken Paxton has proven to the Texas voter that he is the most qualified to be the next attorney general.  He is a committed family man and has dedicated himself to fight for the rights of his clients and the people in his district and will continue to battle for the rights of TEXAS! 
Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!

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