Did the Truth Hit a Nerve? #txlege #Tx2014

ImageSeems my question from last night, asked at the Republican Party of Gregg County meeting in Longview, hit a nerve on the other side.

After one of East Texas’ finest Bryan Hughes so relevantly pointed out Ken Paxton’s 22 years of legal experience, I asked about Smitherman’s legal experience.  The answer? Less than 2 years and as a ‘junior’ attorney.

This shocked me.

I’ve been open about my position in this particular race.  Greg Abbott has some mighty big shoes to fill and Texas simply cannot afford any on-the-job training in the extremely important position of Texas Attorney General. Especially, taking into consideration, how the dictator want-to-be is pushing out one unlawful executive order after another in his effort to usurp the U.S. Constitution.

Ken Paxton has a great deal of experience; both legally and legislatively.  He is endorsed by some high level names such as State Board Chair Barbara Cargill, State Board of Education member Ken Mercer, Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum, Kara Sands, Concerned Women of America – Texas Michelle Smith, and the list goes on.  And who could forget or even try to dismiss the awesome words from Senator Ted Cruz regarding Ken Paxton’s vast experience and stellar record?  Surely not this Cruz fan {wink}

But I digress …

Apparently after I posted this information on Facebook, some of Smitherman’s supporters brought it to his attention causing Smitherman to release this loooonnnnggg and drawn out statement that essentially said he would put his 2 years of junior attorney experience against Ken Paxton’s courtroom inexperience.

Wait. What?

As on other topics, Smitherman is incorrect. Paxton has been in the courtroom.

Respectfully, as a client, constituent, or litigation paralegal, the experience discrepancy is overwhelming. Our Texas Attorney General MUST have legal experience. Paxton has that, as well as legislative.

In closing, remember when Senator Ted Cruz discussed his fight, as Solicitor General in the Attorney General’s Office, against the UN over our U.S. sovereignty?  Through the Texas Attorney General’s Office we stood up against 90 nations to guarantee the right for Texas and the United States to carry out justice for a brutal murderer and rapist, without being subject to the laws of the World Court.  The case was U.S. Supreme Court in Medellin v. Texas, which upheld U.S. sovereignty and held that the World Court cannot bind the U.S. justice system and the President cannot order the state courts to obey the World Court.

Now like in the 1996 film adaptation of John Grisham’s 1989 novel A Time To Kill close your eyes and picture this: Two men running for one of the most important jobs in our state up against the UN and dictator want-to-be’s unlawful executive orders.  On one side there is 22 years of legal experience, as well as legislative. On the other side there is 2 years of junior misdemeanor combatant pro smart meter boy.



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