[UPDATED] Joe Straus’ PAC Backs Bennett Ratliff for #TxHD115 | #RinoRatliff #txlege


Isn’t it interesting! Joe Straus’ PAC gave Bennett Ratliff $25,000.00.

And, 5 out of the original Straus gang of 11 donated money to Ratliff; Straus (through PAC), Solomons, Pitts, Green & Cook. 

It should be noted that Joe Straus was elected Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives in 2009 by 65 Democrats and 11 Republicans. From 2009, here are the names of the original  gang of 11:

Tommy Merritt

Jim Pitts 

Rob Eissler

Byron Cook

Edmund Kuempel

Jim Keffer

Burt Solomons 

Brian McCall

Delwin Jones

Charlie Geren

Joe Straus

 See donation list here:  List of PACS – Ratliff



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