Texas Parents Fight Back — Schools Still Pushing Illegal Common Core Practices #txlege #txed

By Shepard Ambellas | December 18, 2013 | 1:20pm EDT

In an all out push to program Texas school kids with useless political propaganda and other banter, the illegal practice of Common Core is still alive in at least one Texas district

Common Core

KATY, TX (INTELLIHUB) — Parents with children enrolled in the Northwest Independent School District have continually been lied to by school board officials in regards to the district’s “Common Core” global indoctrination practices which are actually outlawed in the state. Now, needless to say, the parents are taking actions into their own hands–as enough is enough.

During a school board meeting Monday, two parents signed up requesting to speak–each of which was granted three minutes to voice their concerns.

Traci Hooks, a concerned mother, was first up to bat offering an on point presentation. Hooks managed to demonstrate to the board in her allotted time, that Common Core propaganda is still alive and well in the district despite the passage of HB462 back in June which effectively banned the practice of CSOPE/Common Core in the Texas educational system.

Hooks stated, “I’ve come before the board today and most importantly the parents today, to bring to light some new information. […] How can you continue to reassure me that this district is not implementing Common Core standards, when a simple visit to the website of the afore mention groups all reveal strong ties and the implementation of Common Core?”, Hooks went on to ask the board. Letting them know that she is aware of what’s really going on here. 

Somehow, somewhere, this propaganda is being let in the back-door of Texas schools, illegally and in plain sight.

Another concerned parent Andrew Bennett, founder of Northwest ISD Parents Against Common Core, got in front of the board at the meeting Monday, pointing out that one of his son’s text books were “full of political references”. Bennett went on to tell the board “we are going to fight this”.

Interestingly enough, Donna Garner reported, “Yesterday the Obama administration announced that Houston ISD won the $30 Million Race to the Top – Direct to District (RTTT-D2) funds.  Harmony Charters and Idea Charters each won the same amount last year from RTTT-D1.

However, despite the commander-in-chief’s comment,  some like myself, see this as a race to the bottom as future generations are being intellectually steered and diminished by such underhanded programs.




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