Is Thomas Ratliff the Anthony Weiner of Texas? #txed #txlege


Let’s summarize: 

  •  State Board of Education Thomas Ratliff is a registered lobbyist. 
  •  Ratlff is ineligible to be on the SBOE pursuant to Texas Education Code: Subchapter  A,  Section 7.103 (c)
  •  Knowing there is no recourse in TEC Sec. 7.103 (c), Ratliff publicly refuses to step down from  the SBOE 
  •  Texas mom, Alice Linahan, begins an online petition to impeach Ratliff
  •  Ratliff files a complaint against Linahan with the Texas Ethics Commission 
  •  TEC rejects Ratiff’s complaint against Linahan in essence due to lack of factual proof
  •  Kara Sands tells Linahan about Bill Ratiff, dad to Thomas, being on Parents for Public School’s  National Advisory Board with  Linda Darling Hammond
  •  Linahan begins asking questions about Daddy Ratliff
  •  Ratliff publicly states he will refile his complaint against Linahan with TEC.  

Now Ratliff has zero proof to back up his allegations against Linahan. Yet he — on Twitter no doubt — bullies Linahan about refiling against her.  

Check out the latest chain of tweets:




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