Texas Education Service Centers Welcome Common Core! #txlege #txed

By Ginger Russell, RedHotConservative.com

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Texas supposedly did not adopt the national Common Core Standards, in fact it was made illegal during the 83rd Texas Legislature through Texas Education Code 39.023 which states the following.

(a-3)  The agency may not adopt or develop a criterion-referenced assessment instrument under this section based on common core state standards as defined by Section 28.002(b-1).  This subsection does not prohibit the use of college advanced placement tests or international baccalaureate examinations as those terms are defined by Section 28.051.

But that has not stopped school district across the state from implementing them in their schools. Parents continue to come forward with worksheets students are bringing home based on Common Core standards. It doesn’t stop  there though. With the implementation of the controversial Curriculum CSCOPE, common core is in full force across the state of Texas. Cscope like Common Core has much more to do with a teaching philosophy based on the collective (project based learning)  and student data collection with assessments. Who is working non-stop on implementing common core in the Texas? The Texas Education Service Centers (ESC’s). The directors of the ESC’s are the ones who formed the bogus non profit that owned CSCOPE. The ESC’s are have held and continue to hold conferences which focus  Common Core Standards.


Texas has 20 Education Service Center that have remained some obscure business entity until the CSCOPE discovery. Parents need to wake up. These ESC’s have created numerous business operating within the facilities and are still funded by the Texas tax payers.



The following is from ESC 11


common core 2







The following is from ESC 7




esc 7




12-6-2013 12-16-12 PM


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