Thomas Ratliff Doth Protest Too Much #txlege #txed

The following is one of many denials Thomas Ratliff has made concerning the connection between Linda Darling-Hammond and Cscope/Common Core.


Here is the link to the above comment:

Following a very liberal League of Women Voters event last September to which Thomas Ratliff was the speaker, constituent, Rhonda Anderson asked Ratliff about his knowledge of the connection between Linda Darling-Hammond and Cscope.  Ratliff told Mrs. Anderson that it was a different Linda Hammond involved with the lesson plans.

Video of the LOWV event:

How does Thomas deny this?  Notice under “Professional Development” there sits Linda “Darling” -Hammond.


That’s just conspiracy, nazi fluff and wing-nut jargon, Thomas?

Could it be that Thomas just doesn’t want Texas voters to know about the true connection between his family and Linda Darling-Hammond?

Thomas’ dad, Bill Ratliff and Linda Darling-Hammond are on the Parents for Public Schools advisory board.  Note:  The board pushes Common Core.


Check out Parents for Public Schools page:

And finally, let me clear up another falsehood Thomas enjoys placing upon me, and other moms & dads.  This wild idea that I stand against local control and I make things up to support my claims.  First of all, I do stand for local control.  My local control involves parents and students.  Ratliff’s definition of local control does not include parents and students.

Actually, Thomas’s dad worked hard to remove power from the school boards and the State Board of Education leaving total control in the hands of Superintendents.  (Check out Bill Ratliff’s Academy and see what you think about his involvement with Superintendents.)

Additionally, Ratliff did not have a clue about the contract aka “Gag Order” Texas teachers had to sign under threat of prosecution until I sent him an actual link of the contract.

I have personally supplied Thomas Ratliff, my SBOE, with proof, as well have others.  He, on the other hand, can only name call, regurgitate falsehoods, and bully.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Ratliff Doth Protest Too Much #txlege #txed

  1. Keep common core out of Texas. We don’t need in public, private and charter schools. Our children don’t need such garbage.

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