TX Children and Teachers – 1 Thomas Ratliff – 0

Today, Alice Linahan learned Thomas Ratliff’s bully complaint, he filed with the Texas Ethics Commission, was R E J E C T E D.  This is a GREAT victory for Texas children and parents. By filing the complaint, Ratliff sought to quash the First Amendment rights of teachers, moms, dads, and grandparents all over Texas.

Alice Linahan:

Today I received notice that Thomas Ratliff’s ethic’s complaint against me was Rejected. 

While this is a great victory the question becomes what was the motive behind the complaint. Was it to silence a Texas Mom from working to organize other Moms and Dads against CSCOPE Texas’ version of Common Core.

An interesting tactic we have seen from folks like Ratliff is to file an ethics complaint and get it out in the media that a complaint has been filed to marginalize opposition.

Read Thomas Ratliff Ethics complaints rejection letter:  http://www.voicesempower.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Ethics-commission-Response.pdf

Read more from Alice Linahan: http://www.voicesempower.com/thomas-ratliffs-complaint-against-alice-linahan-rejected/


(h/t Brandee)

Congratulations, Alice!!!


One thought on “TX Children and Teachers – 1 Thomas Ratliff – 0

  1. This is a very cool blog by a very awesome women. I am glad you stand for our conservative values and I hope people that see this Blog.

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