CALL TO ACTION East Texas: Spring Hill School Board Meeting, Monday 11/18 #txed


by Rhonda Anderson

A call to action! From 2 East Texas Moms Greetings Patriots, we need your help and action on a very important mission. East Texas students and Teachers need our help to make sure Common core stays out of Texas Schools. Common core lessons are currently being used at Spring Hill ISD. Texas banned Common core by passing HB 462. Spring Hill ISD is also in violation of SB1474, by not holding a public meeting allowing input from the Public on the curriculum. In order to accomplish this mission, we need Moms, Dads & Grandparents in Longview to come to the Spring Hill ISD Board meeting to show solidarity on this issue. We have brought State wide attention to this issue and need your help in making sure the School Boards in Longview allow Parents to have a voice in what our Kids are being taught. Meeting time is 6p @ 3101 Spring Hill rd. Spring Hill ISD Administration Blg. They say the Squeaky wheel always get the oil. Please help us continue being the Squeaky wheel. In Liberty, Rhonda Anderson



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