Dewhurst’s Star Bright in East Texas #txlege #txed


Last night, East Texas had an opportunity to enjoy a conversation with Lt. Governor Dewhurst regarding Texas education and his re-election.

With the Lt. Gov. running a little behind, Alice Linahan agreed to begin the conversation.

In response to a question asking why the state legislature did not step in and stop Cscope and Common Core from being implemented, Alice Linahan explained, “…our elected officials are purposely being kept in the dark.”

“Our local school boards are trained by Texas Association of School Boards.  Our tax dollars are paying for them to go to training where they are learning how to hand the power to the superintendent.”


Dewhurst told a crowd of 30,  “I didn’t find out that Cscope had Common Core until I started hearing from groups like y’all.”

Dewhurst discussed a meeting he had with State Board of Education Chair, Barbara Cargill wherein Cargill brought him actual Cscope lesson plans to review.  “Terrorist?” Dewhurst asked. “The Boston Tea Party were terrorists?  How can you be a terrorist if you pay for the tea dumped overboard?  Really.”

photo (1)

“There are errors in Cscope; both factual errors and biased. And you have Common Core. That needs to be fixed.” said Dewhurst.

Dewhurst discussed SB 1474, the need for a SBOE review of Cscope, and that the first part of the review, on social studies, is expected to be finished in the next couple of weeks.   Upon the completion of the review, Dewhurst further explained the information will go out to the school districts triggering SB 1474 and requiring a public hearing.

Dewhurst also covered issues concerning open carry, campus carry, and security. Watch here:

Dewhurst did a fantastic job expressing his concern and sincere interest in helping moms and dads protect their children and Texas education.

The evening was a hit! A very informative and revealing conservation not only for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, but for East Texas residents. Several, in attendance, mentioned being undecided in the Lt Governor race, but now are not. Dewhurst earned their vote last night.


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