Get Out of Texas Obama – #txgop


Two Texas Moms expressing their 1st Amendment

After a really nice talk with an area teacher Wednesday morning, off to Dallas I went.  Where was I going?  To meet up with some great patriots like Morgan McComb, Maggie Wright & Ray Meyers in Dallas to protest Obama’s visit to our great state.

It is no secret that Obama does not like Texas.  The feeling is mutual I can assure you!

Talk about a blast! The media was there.  Even the Channel 5 reporter that interviewed me at the “Thank you, Senator Cruz” event in Arlington a couple of weeks back.

Maggie wore her “I Love Ted Cruz” shirt.  Ray wore his “Keep Texas Red.”  I wore my STOP CSCOPE -STOP COMMON CORE.

We stood on the corner right where he turned in.  Obama may not have heard us booing him in his bullet proof car, but surely he can read lips. {wink}



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