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This is what was said on Morgan McComb’s facebook page regarding Dwayne Stovall an his response before he unfriended most of us.

  • There was a Senate debate in East Texas Saturday from 2 to 4…so many people walked out they opted not to do the straw poll…It was really really bad….We need David Barton STAT!!!
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    • Stephanie Janiczek Local Senate?
    • Morgan McComb John Cornyn’s seat
    • Stephanie Janiczek Really? Oh dear god…
    • Morgan McComb Reports were….It was EMBARRASSING
    • Rich DeOtte Who was there? Why was it bad?
    • Morgan McComb Stoval, Wyatt, Vega and the 4th guy whatever his name is…they just are not viable and the people all left…
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    • Morgan McComb There was not enough people left to do a straw poll…
    • Naomi Narvaiz I dont doubt that one bit! Im not even going to say what I think about certain candidate.
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    • Morgan McComb This report comes from someone who was there…
    • Chad Biddinger This is so disappointing. We a whole state for great godly man With the resources who should be stepping up and doing this.
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    • Morgan McComb David Barton/WallBuilders PLEASE run….we need you
    • Stace InTexas Seating wise it was half the room as opposed to the Cscope debate. And over half that were there the last hour and a half literally walked out of the room before it was over.
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    • Stace InTexas New Revolution Now put on the candidate forum for all of the chief races. Even the US Senate race. Look at their twitter “#StandWithCruz” During the time I was there only two candidates mentioned supporting Cruz in the US Senate and that was the twooutside candidates. The other two; Stovall & Vega didn’t mentioned STC while I was there. #OutoftouchwithheartofTexas
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    • Stace InTexas I don’t dislike Stovall. He seems to be a nice guy. Just in my non-Rove so-called opinion: 1) he doesn’t have the money to make it a viable race. 2) zero experience to lift up, and 3) he has told me and another person — personally — he doesn’t support Senator Ted Cruz. I was graciously added in#Cruzcrew, on his U.S. Senate Kitchen Cabinet team, asked to see him sworn in DC … blah blah blah … Even DeWayne knows I’m not going to help attempt to send someone get to the Senate who openly admits he seeks to combat Cruz, and others like him, all because they are lawyers. BTDT Dewhurst blew $24M of his personal funds in his lawyer bashing tirade and we all saw how well that worked out. To some that’s not important, … maybe if he had the financial backing and experience to embrace (no such thing as perfect candidate) I could over look the lawyer hating mantra. (After all STC CAN handle his own) … but there isn’t any so …. no disrespect to the nice man, but there are other races this needs to lose weight East Texas mom can focus on. IJS
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    • Diana Saiz Ooooh well we don’t have much time!!! Pray David Barton will decide to run…
    • Dwayne Stovall Stace, you are lying. I have never –NEVER– said I did not support Senator Cruz, nor have I had more than 15 minutes of discussion with you. I think Ted Cruz has done a superb job, support his efforts, and have said so consistently, but it is good to know where that complete fabrication originated.Thank you for clearing that up for me.
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    • Daelynn Williams John Cornyn has extended his stay in the senate long enough. He has caught the moderate virus and I hear it quickly turns your brain to mush and you start babbling liberal nonsense. He does not stand his ground.
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    • Mike Openshaw Sounds far worse than the third tier candidates from last time. Some if those were good candidates, just lacking resources.
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    • Stace InTexas
      Stace InTexas Wow. You had part of the conversation with me and Morgan McComb
    • Stace InTexas Laura, Stovall did say that to me and others. Calling me a liar definitely sheds a clearer light on what I thought was a nice man.
    • Stace InTexas TeriLynne see Stovall’s comment above?
    • Stace InTexas Michael, I contacted you about Stovall coming out to the WTP Longview Rally, the same night Morgan and I were speaking with him on Fbook messaging. And I didn’t speak for more than 15 mins… (Read up)
    • Stace InTexas Finally, Stovall I’d ask how you know it was me the truth was originated? (PS I wasn’t attacking you. I was speaking the truth.) Might I suggest you think before you respond. I KNOW I’m not the only one you told this to. I could add more, but why? Calling me a liar in front of my #CruzCrew friends? Not good.
    • Maggie Clopton Wright I’ve been concerned with Dwayne Stovall from the first time I met him! I was at the Arlington Tea Party I always say a little something for Ted Cruz — after the meeting I introduced myself and asked him. ” what do you think about this Ted Cruz”? I could tell he wasn’t a fan– he kind of shook his head– I then asked him what he didn’t like about him. He said he is a lawyer! I said well that is a good thing!! A constitutional lawyer! He can read and understand the bills! I helped Dwayne get signatures, but I don’t want to help elect someone that when they get to DC will go against Senator Ted Cruz! We have that now!!!
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    • Morgan McComb I am not helping anyone who would hurt Ted PERIOD
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    • Paulette Carson Dwayne Stovall, did you ever have opportunity to ask Sen Cruz your specific questions? I know you are supportive of him but you said you needed some clear answers to some of your questions to him.
    • Paulette Carson This issue needs to be cleared up ASAP
    • Morgan McComb I am seeing a pattern across Texas.
    • Paulette Carson What pattern?
    • Morgan McComb Several coming forward with the same type of conversations with Dwayne concerning Sen. Ted Cruz being a Lawyer. I told him from the get go that that type of talk would not get him very far.
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    • Morgan McComb Some of the very BEST candidates (lawyers) I have helped win are the most amazing people you would ever want to know. They have more integrity than anyone I know.
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    • Mark Guinn Stovall is a clown.
    • Stace InTexas Dwayne (Texans For Stovall) Guess he’s removed me as a FB friend) knows there is another person linked on this page that he had an identical conversation with too. Add insult to injury == earlier this morning, after Dwayne’s comment to me, I received a fbook message from an individual that too had a similar conversation with Dwayne regarding Senators Ted Cruz and Miike Lee. However, that person asked to not be identified because of where they work.That is 5 people just in this thread that had the same type of conversation with Dwayne, yet he called me a liar? I wasn’t trying to hurt him by my comments. But I will make this post and the conversation that includes additional information that I wasn’t sharing (I would have if I had malice in my heart orginally) unless I get a public apology from Dwayne on this thread.

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    • Mark Guinn He blocked me on twitter
    • Stace InTexas Maybe Paulette Carson will relay the post above to him?
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      NOTE:  Per Toby, she had a similar to my conservation with Dwayne Stovall.


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