There are three Republicans running for the nomination of Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton , Barry Smitherman and Dan Branch.  The attorney general plays a significant role in our Texas government.  We look to this person to defend our rights from abuse and tyranny. This person should have credentials that transcend the average candidate.  Sincerity, integrity, knowledge of our laws, empathy and a fierce awareness of evil are critical to the person who will guide and protect our great state and its citizens from aggressors and wrong doing. 


Ken Paxton was first elected as a Texas State Representative in 2002 in House District 70 and served until 2012 when he was elected as a Texas State Senator from District 8.  He and his wife Angela, have four children, three daughters and one son.  He graduated from Baylor University and went on to The University of Virginia to receive his J.D.  He has been practicing law for the last 22 years in Texas . 

I personally have met Ken and his lovely wife and there was an immediate connection.  What drew me to this conservative couple was their sincere and humble demeanor.  It was so refreshing to meet and visit with them because they are not afraid of being who they are.  There was no ‘pretend’ mode as I have experienced so many times with other candidates.     


In a recent blog by David Bellow, there were some preposterous and even laughable attacks on Paxton concerning the Smart Meters.  The Bills in question were HB2129 and HB3693.  HB2129 passed the House 146-0, 1 not voting, and the Senate passed with 31-0 also in May 2005.  HB 3693 passed the House 140-2, 3 not voting, in May 2007 and passed the Senate with 30-0 also in May 2007.


The claim states that Paxton and Dan Branch ‘forced’ the ‘Smart Meters’ on Texans.  That Paxton and Branch were totally responsible for the implementation of the Smart Meters.  In essence, it was the Texas Legislature, House and the Senate that voted unanimously “to better manage energy use and control costs and to facilitate demand response initiatives.”   It is the responsibility of Public Utilities Commission to devise the programs.



SECTIONA20.AASection 39.107, Utilities Code, is amended by

adding Subsection (i) to read as follows :

(i)AASubject to the restrictions in Subsection (h), it is the

intent of the legislature that net metering and advanced meter

information networks be deployed as rapidly as possible to allow

customers to better manage energy use and control costs, and to

facilitate demand response initiatives.


Smitherman was a member of PUC and Chairman from November 14, 2007 until July 2011.  It was during his tenure that the ‘Smart Meters” became an item of interest.  Smitherman not only championed the ‘Smart Meters’ until they became a reality but considered ‘Smart Meters’ a ‘ high point ’ during his stay at PUC. 


In an interview for ‘Fuel Fix’ Tom Fowler asked Smitherman :

Q : What were some of the high points of your tenure at the PUC? Public Utilities Commission

The last thing I’d say is we’re about half way to deploying 6 million in advanced meters. The smart meters are incredibly important for empowering customers to know what their consumption is and giving them some control over it. http : //


Smitherman travelled to Washington DC to brief the Obama Administration on how ‘Smart Meters’ work.  Smitherman became part of the Obama Administration when he was appointed by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to the Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC).  Interesting fact, when an idea seems to be a great one there is always someone ready to take the credit but when an idea goes sour no one wants to claim that they had anything to do with it.  It’s funny how this information was left out of the attack article.

Ken Paxton with Senator Donna Campbell

Ken Paxton has been endorsed by the Right to Life PAC for his untiring efforts in standing for Life.  He has a solid voting record on our 2nd Amendment rights and has a consistent ‘A’ rating from the NRA and TSRA.  He has been named ‘Taxpayer Champion’ by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and ‘Champion of Free Enterprise’ by the Texas Association of Business.  He is considered to be one of the most conservative of our legislators.  He does not need a political ad touting his conservatism because he has proven it over and over again. 


Texans deserve a man of integrity to continue the fight with the Obama Administration and those who might harm Texas .  Please stand with Ken Paxton as he seeks the nomination for Texas attorney general.  If you want to see a solid conservative win the Texas Attorney General race, share this with your friends and neighbors.  You can also copy and paste the article link to your Facebook page and on Twitter.  We have to work together to accomplish this!




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