Hispanics will be paying a lot more to support Obamacare?


ObamaCare has a lot of problems:

First, it does not apply equally to all because of “waivers” and special consideration for those able to negotiate them;  

Second, the benefits were presented in very general terms with no explanation of real costs or premiums; and 

Third, young people will pay to support the millions of adults who will join the program. Young Hispanics will be one of the groups expected to carry the load.   My good friend Israel Ortega of The Heritage Foundation posted about this recently:    

“Among the many terrible side effects of Obamacare is its adverse effects on Hispanics.    This stems from the fact that the Hispanic population is one of the youngest.   in addition to Obamacare’s impact on the wholesale and retail industry, which employs many Hispanic Americans.     Wholesale and retail will be hit specially hard by Obamacare, because, as one consultant noted, “employers not currently offering coverage to all employees working at least 30 hours a week may be more inclined to change their workforce strategy so that fewer employees meet that threshold.”

Young Hispanics will now start the signing up process. I just hope that they don’t login anticipating a “affordable health care”.  They won’t find it at ObamaCare.  


By: Silvio Canto, Jr.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/10/did_they_tell_young_hispanics_that_they_will_be_paying_a_lot_more_to_support_obamacare.html#ixzz2gl7xot3V
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One thought on “Hispanics will be paying a lot more to support Obamacare?

  1. How ironic that the Hispanics are the group that Obama has been targeting trying to gain popularity with “amnesty” and open borders….how’s that working out for them now??

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