‘Thomas Ratliff Day’ with the League of Women Voters | #txlege #txed #CSCOPE


To be fair, it was not literally ‘Thomas Ratliff Day,’ but try telling the 11 #StopCscope supporters in attendance the ambiance did not reflect such an event.

The moderator was the League of Women Voters, Gail Beil.  Ms. Beil was CLEAR: no personal attacks, no shouting out comments or questions and absolutely no opinions offered. [Never mind that Beil offered her opinion numerous times throughout the event, as you will see later.]

Right out of the gate, Ratliff began the cover up.   Ratliff was asked where did CSCOPE begin.  My mouth hit the floor when he responded that he did not know.  Then later, in Ratliff’s answer to another question, he stated that CSCOPE began in Region 8.  [Region 8 is in Mt. Pleasant, Thomas Ratliff’s hometown.  See  http://www.reg8.net/ ]

I found Ratliff’s original answer quite puzzling.  For, since he was elected to the SBOE in 2010, Ratliff has been, like an excited rooster on his first day, crowing on the steps of the Capitol that CSCOPE began in his district and then to Austin.

Additionally, Ratliff stated that he has not encouraged districts to utilize CSCOPE.  Huh?  Listen to Ratliff advising a Spring Hill constituent to download CSCOPE lesson plans,  [Listen here]  even though the owners of CSCOPE, TESCCC advised its contracted districts that the lessons would not be available for use and would be “destroyed” after  August 31, 2013.

In May 2013, roughly 80% of the ISD’s in Texas utilized CSCOPE.  In three months  that number has risen to 90%.

Through articles and even in his meetings here in East Texas, Ratliff is the only SBOE member  OPENLY promoting CSCOPE.  [Texas has 15 SBOE members.]

Read Rhonda Anderson’s description of the nights event:

My head is pounding from the wild ride on the emotional roller coaster. The short version is, Ratliff was quite the “artist” painting such a pretty picture of CSCOPE. If you didn’t know any better there were only 3 controversial lesson plans and those were quickly removed he then had 8 softball questions from an in the tank Moderator that started the meeting with ruffled feathers thanks to our side’s nuclear weapon Ginger Russell. (Love her). I sat on the front row about 3 feet away from the hot air flowing off the stage. I was so flustered and out of my mind by the time I got to ask my question that I tripped up somewhat with my point, but my girl Stace had my back (thanks). Also the elderly man behind me 2nd my point about CSCOPE is common core’s twin sister. Tension started building not by us or Ratliff but by the so called Moderator, Gail Biel, she was trying to shut down any opposition and starting injecting her own opinions and scolding us and throwing snide remarks. Little did we know we have the secret weapon with us the whole time by the name of Myra. Myra stood up and ripped Ms. Biel a new one and loudly said, will you stop talking? Aren’t you the moderator? Well the crowd went crazy and all we’re shouting at each other, not me I stayed classy Ratliff! Ha! That’s when the host Linda Adler of the League of women voters shut it down. I was able to approach Ratliff before leaving for a little one on one and I told him as one of his constituents I think it’s low class of him to be such a cyberbully. His response was “so it’s ok for them to attack me? ” in turn my response was,” you’re on the SBOE it comes with the job and criticism about CSCOPE and your Microsoft connection facts is not bullying. ” so now we just wait to see if I make the cyberbully tweet list. I’ll have more tomorrow and Staceintexas will be posting video as well. If you haven’t signed the petition yet to help impeach Mr. Ratliff , please do so at www.impeachRatliff.com Night all.

Not including Ratliff, there were 26 in attendance:  1 Democratic Chair, 1 Organizing for America, 1 Media, 7 League of Women Voters, 11 #StopCscope supporters, which leaves 5 presumed #ProCscope supporters with one leaving before questions.

Missed the event?  Check it out here:

LOWV Thomas Ratliff Part 1 of 6:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKU-unAStJA

LOWV Thomas Ratliff Part 2 of 6:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1AaWPx9VlA

LOWV Thomas Ratliff Part 3 of 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHmIShF-3z8

LOWV Thomas Ratliff Part 4 of 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYOWbeyJPx0

LOWV Thomas Ratliff Part 5 of 6:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU23OfvBIxg

LOWV Thomas Ratliff Part 6 of 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN6Xb8r3VmI


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