CSCOPE, SBOE Ratliff and the Truth

From Kara Sands:
Last Friday, I testified at the State Board of Education’s CSCOPE Ad-Hoc Review Committee Hearing. My testimony was primarily about how every CSCOPE Social Studies lesson had been edited/altered/changed before they were released to the public. I know this to be true because I went through all 392 lessons and the edit dates are listed at the bottom of the pages. 
Look, I’m all for the improvements, but let’s not forget that for the last several months the Education Service Center’s (ESC) Directors (the makers of CSCOPE), TASA, TASB and even members of the SBOE have denied there being anything wrong with these lessons – whether it being the content or with TEKS alignment. They’ve even tried to discredit those of us who have spoken out against CSCOPE – including lawmakers – as being “extremists on a witch hunt”. I find their shameful behavior very troubling – especially since it’s abundantly clear that the ESC Directors have been dishonest about CSCOPE from the beginning. If nothing was wrong with these lessons, then why was every single lesson edited BEFORE they were released to the public? (Oh, and please don’t give me the line about having to separate the answer keys because there are several answer keys on the site, many of which haven’t been altered since 2012.) 

Folks, we have so many problems with our education system and CSCOPE is just one example. Another is the biased press who continue pushing the false narratives in order to protect the people harming our children. 

When the new & improved CSCOPE lessons were released by the Texas Tribune on August 22nd, they were accompanied by the line “see what the controversy is – or isn’t – about.” In all his glorified snarkiness, the reporter conveniently left out the fact that these were not exactly the same lessons that had gotten folks upset in the first place, nor did he mention any of the edits, missing lessons or links. The CSCOPE lessons on the Texas Tribune website have been nicely cleaned up for all to see (well, most have-I’ve found a few questionable and frankly disturbing lessons that I’ll post later), and if you were looking at the lessons for the first time you would wonder what all the fuss was about. So, in their obvious search for truth & transparency the Texas Tribune has allowed people new to the CSCOPE debate believe that the lessons they presented were THE lessons, and therefore allowing the narrative created by the ESC Directors & SBOE member Thomas Ratliff about parents being extremists to continue. Great job,Texas Tribune! You may have thrown Texas children & parents under the bus, but at least you got some good sponsorships for TribFest. 


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