Disturbed by CSCOPE?

ImageTeachers. Parents & Grandparents:

Ticked off about what CSCOPE is teaching your child? Not sure how you can help in the effort to #STOPCSCOPE once and for all? You can help a GREAT deal by spreading the truth regarding CSCOPE and Texas education.

Prefer an easy and fast way?  Check out how to do so through two social media outlets: Facebook and Twitter.

Through Facebook? Share posts on your Facebook page from folks like Alice Linahan, Ginger Russell, Terri Harris Hill, Donna Garner, Rhonda Anderson, Lorie Cox, and Merrill Hope.  If you’re not Facebook friends, send them a friend request.  (If you need assistance, look me up at StaceInTexas and we’ll have you heavily active in no time from your smartphone, ipad, laptop or desktop.)

Through Twitter? Please RT = Retweet CSCOPE information from @Gingerdr, @AliceLinahan, (myself) @StaceinTexas, @TxCSCOPEReview, @WomenontheWall , and @outoftheboxmom (List to be updated).   Need a particular subject within the CSCOPE issue?  Search hashtags:  #CSCOPE, #TxEd, #Txlege, #TEKSResourceSystems and #ImpeachRatliff.

Most importantly, please spread the need to sign and share this petition to impeach the ineligible SBOE member Thomas Ratliff at  ===>  www.impeachRatliff.com < === And, feel free to do so without any worries of some sly dog data mining your information.  Your name will only add to a headcount, outside of the view of  any state Representatives or lobbyist, of concerned Texas residents that have had ENOUGH of Microsoft’s Lobbyist and ineligible SBOE member, Thomas Ratliff.

One click at a time, anyone … everyone can make a difference in Texas education. So become involved and make your voice heard. Be loud and proud for the children and teachers of Texas.


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