CSCOPE Lesson Plans Out



Thank you to Sen Patrick, Rep Toth, AG Abbott, Jeanine McGregor, Alice Linahan, and many more brilliant grass-root patriots for all of your efforts! The announcement that CSCOPE will no longer be in the lesson plan business is great news! This is a small victory for Texas parents and grandparents against the CSCOPE program.

In a response to Sen Patrick’s news conference yesterday, Thomas Ratliff blasted Patrick for wanting to move away from local control towards a “controlling the locals” approach to public schools. I find that rather comical considering CSCOPE, Ratliff’s pet liberal project, demanded teachers not deviate from the CSCOPE lesson plans and forced teachers to sign a gag order that threatened them with criminal prosecution if they revealed the lesson content. 

Hmm. Maybe Texas would be better served if Mr. Ratliff removed himself from the State Board of Education considering he presently sits there – as a paid lobbyist – illegally.

CSCOPE is a system of control that marginalizes parents and teachers. Administrators who force CSCOPE upon their schools create a serious breach of trust.  

According to Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative Board Director, Wilburn O. Echols, Jr.s letter regarding the end of CSCOPE’s lesson plans, the TESCCC is restructuring thereby seeking to ensure the long-term viability of CSCOPE.

We are not done, Texas. Now let’s end CSCOPE in its entirety.


One thought on “CSCOPE Lesson Plans Out

  1. Thank you for revealing cscopes real agenda. As a grandparent I have been very concerned with this program. Now lets remove mr. Ratliff from the board.

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