Perry: We can’t and won’t drain Rainy Day Fund

Image    During the next 45 days, or so, left in this 83rd legislative session, before passing judgment based on unspecified assertions, might I suggest we examine Governor Rick Perry’s vision, in his own words, regarding his Texas Budget Compact and the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund aka “rainy day fund.”

As recent as last Monday, April 15, 2013, in a statewide teletownhall (h/t Texans for Fiscal Responsibility), in reference to the Rainy Day Fund, the governor said,  “We can’t, and won’t, drain it.”  “In my State of the State [address] I called for maintaining a strong rainy day fund and I won’t waiver from that. We need to maintain an appropriate amount that will protect our credit rating and keep us prepared in the event of a major natural disaster.”

(Listen to the full audio of the teletownhall.)

For further details regarding the governor’s 4/15/2013 Tax Day teletownhall, please read Perry: “Protect Our Rainy Day Fund” by Michael Quinn Sullivan HERE.


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